Our Features

With our platform you will be able to collaborate with other agricultural workers around the world.

Share value

Wouldn't it be great to share your values with colleagues around the world to help them improving their work so that we can gain substainance.

Share farm devices

We will also provide an exchange app for reusing and sharing the really expensive agricultural devices.

Share knowledge

With our new data collector and predictive engine we will let you know what happens tomorrow.

Share interests

Stay in contact with our social network graph feature to find mates with similiar interests.

How our platform works

It's easy as pie. Register and start discovering how we can help you getting better.

Computer Aided diagnosis

Upload an image of your cows eye (retina) and our diagnose engine will tell you what's happening.

Collect your values

With our new ISO-BUS we can connect your farm devices and collect the data they are producing.

Analyse and Predicit

With our predictive analysis engine we will help you to bring out the best of your farm. Our generated dashboards will provide you an overview of what you did great and ho we can improve your performance.